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The 2013 moncler China Industry Expo-Myanmar and Chinese Brand Products and Enterprises Promotion Day, organized by Trade Development Bureau of Chinas Ministry of Commerce, Department moncler outlet of Commerce of Yunnan Province and China International Economic and Trade Consultants, is participated by exhibitors from nearly 50 Chinese enterprises. Their exhibits cover moncler sale products from a wide range of fields including machinery equipment, agricultural implements, motor vehicles and spare parts, electrical appliances, medicines and machinery,moncler online construction materials, hardware, home appliances, furniture and consumers products. During the expo, the Trade Development Bureau of Chinas Ministry of Commerce will sign moncler jacket several memorandums of understanding with the Union of Myanmar Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) on bilateral cooperation, through which brand products and enterprises moncler kids of the two countries will get mutual recommendation and promotion. Activities on promoting Chinese products and enterprises day will also be introduced in the three-day event moncler coats with the support and help of Economic and Commercial Counselors Office of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, Myanmar Ministry of Commerce and the UMFCCI. The event was attended montcler by Jiang Yingang, economic and commercial counselor of the Embassy of China, Han Shengjian, director general of Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce of China, U Myint moncler jacke Swe, Yangon region chief minister and U Toe Aung Myint, director general of the Department of Trade Promotion of Myanmar. It is anticipated that the expo, with the participation moncler outlet online of outstanding Chinese enterprises with superior quality brand products and professional buyers from Myanmars neighboring countries for business matching and purchase, will enable moncler online shop Myanmar enterprises to gain more first-hand information about Chinese counterparts and their products. It would also enable Chinese enterprises to know more about the market moncler vest demand and potential of Myanmar and its surrounding countries, which would further promote Myanmar-China bilateral economic and trade cooperation for achieving a "win-win" status,moncler jackets for men the organizer said. Bilateral trade between Myanmar and China amounted to 5.6 billion U.S. dollars during first eight months of 2013, up 25.4 percent compared with that cheap moncler jackets of the same period of 2012, according to Chinese statistics. China is now Myanmars largest trading partner. Meanwhile, Myanmar enterprises have great potentials to moncler usa open their market in China and expand the export of Myanmar products to China. According to latest Myanmar official statistics, Chinas investment in Myanmar amounted to 14 moncler jackets sale billion U.S. dollars since Myanmar opened up to such investment in late 1988.
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