Site Owner

So, I’m not Jesse L. Martin or his management, nor do I know him or anyone related to him (sad face?), I’m just someone who admires his work and this site fell together as a bit of an accident one night when I was trying to design a template using a program that I had recently downloaded.

I created this site because there wasn’t really a place for JLM on the net and I thought it might be something nice to do for him and for the people that have followed his career like I have. I like to advertise people who seem to be good, positive people — there isn’t enough positivity in the world at the moment.


As for me? I share a name with Mr. Martin, himself, actually. I’m a short-chick from a country town in Victoria, Australia. I don’t own a kangaroo but I do own a dog that sometimes moonlights as one (just kidding, she moonlights more as an angry teenager who sleeps all day). I’m in my early 30s. I work in finance and am in the middle of writing YA novel.

I love to travel. I’ve been to most other states in Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, London, France, New York and Los Angeles and one day I’d love to live in either Paris, London or NY. Next on the horizon will be a trip to Japan or a cruise to the South Pacific Islands.

I love art. I like to create stuff, I’m in to resin art, clay moulding and tiling, jewellery making, I love to draw, crochet, knit, sew — all the old lady stuff. I love to write and I love reading, book after book after book after book. My cousin and I share a business selling our art.

Random things: My favourite album is Dangerous by Michael Jackson and Sia’s 1000 forms of fear. For something a little different, I love to repeat the crap out of a Jackie Wilson greatest hits album.
Favourite TV show? The Flash, (obvs) Unreal, Empire, Gotham, The Chelsea Show.

So please enjoy this site, and if you want to contact me or have a look at my own works of art, please use the contact form here or visit my own page here.