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New Photos From Joyful Noise!


Finally the wait is just about over and you’ll be able to catch Jesse in the movie Joyful Noise.


He is playing the role of Marcus Hill who will be Vi Rose Hill’s (Queen Latifah) husband. By the looks of these pictures he will be playing a U.S soldier. Hopefully this won’t mean Marcus will be away on combat for the entire duration of the movie!


We’d like to see quite a bit of screen time for Mr. Martin!


Joyful Noise is released to cinema’s in the U.S on January 13.


For now, enjoy these photographs and this interview with Jesse. To see the pictures in full size just click on them!



More information and pictures will be posted here as it is released.


In the meantime, if you happen to go and see the movie, please leave your review in the comments section below… if you haven’t seen the movie and just want to leave a comment sharing your views or opinions about anything Jesse L Martin related, please feel free!


Hopefully everybody had a happy Christmas and a very safe New Year celebration!


Til next time!