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News & Photos

Let’s start with the good news, shall we? The good news is that Jesse L. Martin gallery has been updated with some new photos. This is a work in process, so please keep checking back, there’s a bunch more left to add but it just takes some time.

The bad news is, if you haven’t heard already that Jesse’s new show by Marc Cherry (Hallelujah) was not picked up and unfortunately we won’t be seeing it any time soon. It’s very disappointing because the storyline seemed pretty interesting and a bit different to the usual run-of-the-mill TV show. Maybe one day soon we’ll see it picked up by another channel.

In other news though, Jesse is working on a movie called Joyful Noise with Queen Latifah which will be released early next year!

On to the pictures…

2 x Photos – Misbehavin’ In Harlem, May 12, 2011
12 x Photos – Tribeca Film Festival for the Premiere of Puncture, April 21, 2011
3 x Photos – 37th Annual NAACP Image Awards, February 26, 2006

There will be a heap more photos coming soon as well as a bunch of other stuff and I apologise for the wait between updates. Life sometimes gets in the stupid way of updating!

Photo Gallery Update

In addition to the exciting news about the upcoming  TV Pilot, “Hallelujah” (see here) starring Jesse, the photo gallery has been updated with 128 new photographs.

The following galleries have been updated / added.

05 photos – Second Street Bowling Fundraiser – 05th Feb, 2011
26 photos – Law & Order Screen Captures – Season 13
19 photos – Law & Order On Location – 06th Oct, 2005
07 photos – Regis & Kelly – 11th Sept, 2009
14 photos – Jesse arriving @ Regis & Kelly – 22nd Feb, 2007
03 photos – One Time Award Trust – 14 April, 2008
30 photos – RENT Film – On Location – 14th March, 2005
08 photos – Revlon Walk / Run for Women – 4th May, 2002
05 photos – Miscellaneous Events & Galas – Various
01 photos – Merchant Of Venice Opening – 07th Nov, 2010
01 photos – Winter’s Tale Opening – 30th June, 2010
02 photos – Merchant of Venice Show – 2010
07 photos – Rent Press Conference – 19th Nov, 2005


Site update

I hope that everybody stayed safe during Christmas-time and the New Year and had a very happy and festive time. 🙂

It’s still seems a little bit uncertain whether or not Jesse will resume his role of Gratiano in The Merchant of Venice on Broadway along with the new and remaining cast on February 1st, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

In regards to this website, I’ve just uploaded quite a few images from NBC’s The Philanthropist where Jesse starred alongside the very handsome James Purefoy and the lovely Neve Campbell. Please click below on the following image to be taken straight to the gallery.

Please feel free to use any of these still frames for anything that you would like. Still frames from the remaining episodes will be coming up with the next update as well as some stills from Law & Order.

Thanks for the feedback that I’ve received thusfar and please continue to visit the site, check for new updates and share this link!!